Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 60 - Bhutan: Day 7 hike to the guidebook cover feature photo


If I were to want to make a living in Bhutan, I would definitely become an astrologist. They basically are the go-to people for all decisions - from marriage to work to to travel. You name it.

Each person is said to have 2 bad days a month. The astrologist is consulted on what these days are and then all big decisions or activities should be avoided on those 2 days. How much would i love to use the excuse, "Sorry, I can't come in for that meeting today. Its my unlucky bad day."

If you must travel on your bad day, best to bring your astrologer with you so he can perform rituals and say prayers to reverse the bad day.

DAY 7 Activity: Hike to the Lonely Planet Cover - Tiger's Nest

Tigers Nest, featured on the front of Bhutan guidebooks, is a temple built into the side of a mountain at 3120 meters. It was built in the 7th century and expanded in the 17th century. I could not stop taking photos at every angle of this ancient and enchanting temple.

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