Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 52 - Myanmar (Burma): Last full Day - Burmese soap operas, gluten-free pancakes, street meat

I need to learn how to make fluffy gluten-free rice pancakes as featured to the right. I was smiling ear to ear upon finding this vendor at the morning market.
I boarded the Yangon bus, customarily packed to capacity. The bus had small plastic stools in the middle row to seat 5 across. The woman on the stool next to me leaned on my arm rest with her head on my shoulder. With the AC blasting, I wrapped myself in my silk liner and down jacket, looking like I was dressed for Nepal. 

I was mindlessly entranced by the Myanmar programming of slapstick burmese soap operas, which invoked belly rolling laughter from the locals (somewhat captured in this video). 
The rest of my day in Yangon comsisted of: an amazing bean paste dish from 999 Shan Noodle shop. hour massage where the woman walked on me and poked me with her knee, elbow and hands.
.... A street food dinner from grill street (19th street) where there are rows of vendors with meat, fish and veggies and you put the items you want to be grilled in a basket.

 ...a visit to desser row where I tried egg custard, coconut sticky rice and sago balls.

Too bad I just start getting comfortable with street food right as I was leaving. 

NEXT STOP: Half day in Yangon and an evening at the Bangkok airport hotel 

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  1. Looks awesome! :) Glad you had such a lovely visit in Burma.