Saturday, March 29, 2014

Day 59: Bhutan - Day 6 Snowmen & Headstands

The King studied in San Francisco and is supposedly a very down-to-earth man who likes to mountain bike. However there are some things in Bhutan that are run like a tight ship. Here are a few government regulations that stuck out:

* Dry Tuesday: All bars are closed on Tuesdays and restaurants can't sell liquor.
* With a concern that that there will be too many cars on the road in the future, the government banned the import of cars for 3 years and put a 200% car tax if you buy a car. also, they hope to have 100% electric cars, starting with taxis, in 10 years! (according to Dorji)
* You can smoke in Bhutan, but only if you're willing to pay a tax And you're limited to 200 cigarettes per month.

By far my favorite morning in Bhutan, I woke up to a winter wonderland. It was the 1st snow of the season!

Dorji and the daughter of our host and I went outside to take pictures of the fresh snow that sparkled in the morning sun. We built a snowman, who the little girl called Alah (baby)

and I did a headstand to the snow gods.

It was entertaining how many things were impacted by the first snow. The national museum was closed. WiFi was shutdown everywhere. The art center was closed. Pretty much everyone had the right to have the excuse to not do a thing or shoiw up to normal obligations because of the snow. So we followed suit and had a lazy day in Paro (Bhutan's capitol), resting up for our big hike.

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