Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 57: Bhutan - Day 4 walking, jumping & biking + the Local Cuisine


The Bhutanese cuisine seems to have a similar theme at each meal, each day. For breakfast: Bhutanese rice, a curry (more like broth) with chili paste, rice noodles and dried beef with chili. For lunch & dinner, Bhutanese rice, fried spinach with chilies,cauliflower with chilies, and my favorite dish, chili & cheese. so basically, if you can't handle chili spice, you might go hungry.

The biggest shocker is there literally is NO Burmese sweet. They have processed cookies, candy & biscuits that the younger generation is growing up with...and surprise, surprise, Bhutan is having the 1st occurrences of childhood obesity. But the only 'sweet' is chugo -dried cheese that you suck on - and its not even a sweet!


We visited another temple at the Gangtey monastery. I hate to say it, but yes, there is such a thing as being templed out.

We tried the local betal nut (no tobacco is put in the betal chew in bhutan). i spat out red juices for a bit until i spit it all out after feeling slightly light-headed. You can't say we did not try it!

We leisurely strolled through pine forests and along the Gangtey valley, a glacial valley with only cattle grazing and some black-neck cranes flying by. So peaceful that we decided to do a jumping shot...

Lunch was at a farmhouse where i ate my favorite chili cheese dish to date. i'm coming quite the connoisseur as it is served at every lunch and dinner.

Next up was adventure in Bhutan with a 2hour mountain bike ride along dirt and rocky roads to a village where the local men were playing the national sport, archery.

Not a bad day in Bhutan!

NEXT UP: Day 5 Long travel day

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  1. I was wondering if you would try the betel chew. And, yeaha to the jumping photo!