Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 58: Bhutan - Day 5: Architecture & homebrew rice liquor at a farmstay

More bhutan posts and everest base camp post to come after I return!

Wish me luck!!!


Ok I'm back. Let me catch up my Bhutan posts before I move on to Nepal!!


The government has regulated housing so all architectural design is the same - from houses to offices to even gas stations.  Each will be similar structures with wood borders decorated with painted flowers. (And also phalluses - if you're lucky.)

What's fascinating is that there are no nails used, an architectural style called Dovetail architecture.

Traditional home are 3 stories with the first story for cake and chickens, the 2nd story for storage and the 3rd story for the kitchen and bedrooms.


Today was a rocky long driving day on windy, bumpy roads. At one point, Katie, who gets car sick, had her head out the window while driving like Dumb and Dumber to get fresh air and to avoid spewing. I kindly did not document this.

We finally arrived to our farmhouse stay of our driver's sister-in-law. The 3 of us slept on mattresses on the floor of the room with the altar. 

 Our home cooked meal included chili cheese of course and their locally brewed rice liquor with scrambled eggs served in it!


  1. Just got your postcard today! Highlight of my morning. Hope you are staying warm near the top of the big mountain. Love you. xoxo