Saturday, January 18, 2014

Day 8 - Cambodia: You can take the Yuppie out of Manhattan but you cant take the Yuppie out of the Girl!

I've been told I need to face the facts that I've become a Yuppie. The supposed incriminating evidence is my love for my Vita-Mix, kale, Pilates, yoga, plant based protein powder, kombucha, etc. If that's a Yuppie, then I guess I'm guilty as charged. And today, I did my Yuppie tour throughout Phnom Penh.

* Arrived to PP via a bus equipped with Wi-Fi

* Lunch at 'Friends,' an NGO cafe that trains kids from the street to be waiters (and is buzzing with every Yuppie in Phnom Penh). Consumed beet juice, taro fries, grilled fish in a banana leaf)

* A wander to the southern part of PP to the Russian Markets, saving fuel by walking (over-exaggeration for artistic blog post license)
Independence monument:

* Roamed through what I deemed the 'local yuppie market' (Boeung Keng Kang Market) which housed hair salon stalls, fashion vintage items, an abundance of greens, chess games and more

* Gluten-free cupcake (actually labeled gluten free) at Bloom Cafe

* Dinner with my friend Phil's wife, Sara.

It would have been the cherry on top for Yuppie of the day award IF the vegetarian Khmer cuisine restaurant was not closed on Mondays! Instead, we settled for vegetarian Indian, Coriander.

Maximum people spotted on a scooter: 4.5
Maximum people spotted in a Tuk Tuk: 9
# of people who follow the 'rules of the road': 0

NEXT STOP: Killing Fields, Genocide memorial and Royal palace

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