Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 6 & 7 - Cambodia: Going Rogue

You're not going to be infatuated with every place you travel. The riverside town, Kampot, fell into that list for me. Perhaps it was due to my high expectations for relaxation after serenity in Kep & Rabbit Island, or maybe it was because the best way to see the area is via motor bike & I knew I would contribute to tourist motor bike accident statistics if I rented one.

I explored the 1st day with a fixed gear bike. I went off the tourist path because I missed my turn, biking 2 hrs out in the scorching midday, and then eventually back when I realized I could not circle around. Below is me sitting with a local at his stand on the side of the road, helping him practice English while I hydrated on a coconut and studied the map.
I wrapped up the day watching the sunset along the river.

To get outside of Kampot and up to the old French hill station, (Bokhor Hill) where there is a view of the surrounding area, I ended up joining a tour. The road winded up the hill and I laughed at myself for toying with the idea of cycling up the mountain in my fixed gear. The views truly were great and our guide was very nice BUT he would have us stand in the sun as he explained things in 1000 words that could have been said in 150. We were herded along like sheep to various lookouts and were allotted time at each, including a horrible, new casino complex that's being built and will inevitably obstruct the views and destroy the natural beauty of the area. ;(

Right when I was calculating the hours remaining in the tour, I met a Belgian guy, Randy, who was traveling through the national park and seeing the remains of French villas at his own pace on a motor bike. I seized the opportunity and went rogue from the tour, hopping on the back of his bike. I missed the organized sunset tour on the river, but instead soaked up the remaining hours of the sun floating in the sea in Kep with good company and no long-winded guides.


* With the strong Sea, the fisherman pay respect to the Goddess of the Sea to ensure safe waters. How do they pay respect? By offering wooden sculptures of penises & bananas at an offering table.

* Randy (Belgian guy) is luckily a medic in the navy and he came to the rescue of the scene of a motorbike accident. He helped clean the wounds and wrap the ankle of the woman who was left behind next to her mangled bike, while the male victim of the accident was quickly whisked away on another bike, presumably to the hospital. Why they left the woman and what would have happened to her if Randy was not there is unknown.

NEXT STOP: 1st day in Phnom Penh


  1. Ha, I was reading this blog to my daughters .. and showing them the pics .. Now, I have to censor after the penis pic. :-)

  2. Haha, woops. I promise I will keep it PG from now on. I even have omitted swear words!