Sunday, January 19, 2014

Day 10 - Cambodia: Iron Khmer Chef & ATV Racing through the Countryside at Sunset

My Cambodian cooking class started with 13 other International students and 1 teacher showing us the foreign looking fruits and vegetables in a local produce market.

We each contributed to making the taro and carrot fried spring rolls (gluten-free!)

We each made our own yellow curry paste and sauce for the traditional Khmer fish amok dish that's steamed in banana leaves.

It tasted delicious if i dont say so myself. BUT don't expect me to repeat this culinary feast in the states!

I followed the cooking class with an adventure outside of the city to drive an ATV through the countryside at sunset. I was the only one on the tour and the kids would come running out to the street, sometimes uncomfortably close to my ginormous wheels, and give me high fives.

The drive at dusk along the city parks & riverside was a sight to see with the local vendors, dance classes of 50 Cambodians (mainly women) breaking it down with a male teacher to Cambodian sounding 'pop'music, chess players playing by flashlight & of course 'Frogger' like traffic and crossing pedestrians.

NEXT STOP: Siem Reap and Temple Exploration

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