Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day 16 - Laos: Elephants and Waterfalls and Rope Swings, oh My!

Elephants weigh around 5 tons. Their skin is as rough and hard as dried leather. Their ears appear floppy, but are actually quite strong and surprisingly soft on the inside. They have a good center of gravity because they can climb up and down hills as steep as San Francisco. They sleep standing up. Elephants can't jump. That's about all the fun facts I've got for ya after my 45 minute elephant ride...

...and 15 minute elephant bath...

...which ended up being more of a bath for me as the elephant snorted water from his trunk and sprayed behind him where I was sitting on his neck.

While no elephants were harmed in the filming of this ride / bath, I could not help but feel bad for paying to have this poor creature carry me around.

Luang Prabang is clearly a backpackers haven. After the elephant ride, i returned to town and within minutes, I met 7 random strangers on the street and we combined forces and hired a truck to take us to Kuang Si waterfall. We walked along a series of small,  horizontal cascading waterfalls into crystal, clear, blue pools of water. And then I did my first rope swing, plunging into the crisply cool pools.

Lao is a little larger than the UK.

NEXT STOP: 3 day hike through the forest and mountains to a Khmu and Hmong Village


  1. Sorry it has taken me so long to comment, but I am all caught up on your awesome adventures now. And so glad to read that your shoulder has remained properly intact throughout your journey so far. Love reading about your trip!

  2. This makes me miss Laos terribly!