Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 1 - Vietnam: Food Coma

4 savory dishes and 3 desserts consumed from food stands throughout Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) - all reached via the back of a motor bike (www.Backofthebiketours.com). And despite how it may look, I did not drive the motorbike. I went perhaps 3 inches in my quick lesson and my driver took back the lead, thankfully.

 Reallllly excited about this crab apparently... 
On transit to the next food stand...

Needless to say, I finished the tour and embarked on a 3hr bus ride to Can Tho with a complete food coma!

the bus experience did not disappoint:

- neon lights on the ceilings
- Vietnamese TV shows and/or music blaring from the speakers
- a few bumpy roads here and there
- ac blasting
- driver Honking horn every 30-60 seconds. (I could not decipher if it was an FYI I'm passing you honk, get the hell out of my way honk, 'hey what's up' honk or I'm falling asleep at the wheel so I will continue to press the horn to jar me awake honk).

Regardless, I arrived to Can Tho.

Next Stop: 5am departure for the floating markets

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