Thursday, February 27, 2014

Day 49 - Myanmar (Burma): Ogre Island Exploration

On Day 2, I joined a tour with 6 other travellers to Ogre Island (Bilu Kyun - 32 km long &16 km wide). It's over an hour boat ride to the island, which has 200,000 inhabitants and foreigners are prohibited from spending the night. We explored the island for 6 hours visiting the local workshops with no pressure to buy, and we only saw 4 other tourists besides our group. I imagine this is how Inle Lake used to be, except on land.

Throughout the day, we came across the following:
* Toddy - fermented palm 'juice' has roughly 4% alcohol
* Palm Sugar production
* Road paving where women contributed to the hard labor
 & tar was burned by the side of the road
* Straw hat production

* Outdoor 'pool' where I swam in my clothes like a local!
* Afternoon tea & palm sugar candy break while getting our faces painted with the local Burmese makeup, thanaka, made from bark.

* Rubber band production

* Rice flour batter fried bananas

* Wood carving (canes, pipes, etc) workshop

* Off-roading in the Tuk Tuk with a brief moment of getting stuck in the fields

* Ox and cart
* Father and son fishing
 * Riverside sunset & BBQ
NEXT STOP: Ferry to Hpa'an


  1. Do you have a full face photo of your bark makeup? It was great to meet AB through your travels.

  2. Yah but you can barely see it. Did not come out dark on me.