Thursday, February 27, 2014

Day 47 - Myanmar (Burma): Oily Curry & Shiny Pagodas

Alberto's last day in Myanmar was in Yangon where we hit up his last meal of rice, oily spicy chicken, lentils and beef. Alberto, who eats about everything, took one bite of the beef dish and left the remainder of the tough and stringy cow chunks floating in the sauce untouched.

I personally was a fan of the dessert bar where you pointed to an array of sticky rice, tapioca and coconut treats for a mixed plate of sweet goodness.

With full bellies, we walked to Shwedagon pagoda, which had more locals and tourists than any pagoda I've visited yet. It was still an amazing site to see locals and monks praying or just hanging out in front of the gold pagodas sparkling in the setting sun.

It used to be you had to arrive to Burma with fresh, crisp bills or exchange money on the black market. Now, there's banks and ATMs even in the smaller cities and even at the entrance of Shwedagon pagoda, which has a steep $8 entrance fee for foreigners.

NEXT STOP: 7-9 hr bus ride to Mawlymine, adventures currently unknown.

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