Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day 44 - 46 - Myanmar (Burma): Lounging on Ngapali Beach

A beach is a beach anywhere - more or less. But it's sure nice to spend time by the sea listening to the gentle crashing of the waves and soaking up the rays. Alberto and I had 3 nights in Ngapali Beach in Myanmar and here are some beach-side highlights.

* Found cheapest room on the beach with a partial sea view at Memento Resort for $35

* Morning runs on the 2 mile stretch of beach

* Fresh seafood meals of Tiger Prawns, Whole Fish and Squid

* Gin Rummy & Kings in the Corner

* Afternoon swim across the calm Bay of Bengal

* Happy Hour in a beach chair

* Beach side massage shacks

* 50 cent Mandalay Rum served in a wine glass while reading Burmese Days
The best way to learn numbers in another language is to look at the serial numbers on the bill written in both languages. Thank you Alberto.

NEXT STOP: Travel day to Yangon and saying farewell to Alberto

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