Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kiss Me I'm in Belize!

Monday - 11/16

After a 4am pick-up from SuperShuttle, a myriad of schedule change issues upon arriving to Newark airport (I'll spare you the details), and 12 hours of traveling including layovers, I arrive to Belize...without my bag.

I was set to do an early morning cave hike, so the tour company suggested i buy shorts and a shirt in town. Along the quarter mile strip, I had an option of 6 tienda type shops - all selling similar items - short jean skirts adorned with crystals, hoochie pastel and plaid 'fashion' shorts, lycra tops, etc. I should also point out that every pair of shorts they offered for me to try looked like they would fit only one of my ass cheeks.

I found a somewhat reasonable looking pair of spandex pants until I discovered a dead cockroach smashed inside the pant leg - lovely. SO, I settled on a hot pink tank top with 3 figures doing what resembled yoga poses and a pair of white velor shorts embossed with a stunning gold design that says: "Kiss Me."

If my bag does not arrive tomorrow, I'm curious how I will blend in with the locals and avoid unwanted attention while sporting my new Belizian fashion...


  1. Haha, awesome! Can you post a pic? Bet you're loving being back on the road! xo

  2. That's hilarious! Good luck getting your bag, but I'm curious to see how it goes if you don't!

  3. I am cracking up SO much right now. You are hilarious, but I am also really sorry about your bag. I wish you bought one of the jean skirts!

  4. Bring that outfit back to NY and you can move to Williamsburg.

  5. I guess I'll leave my Kiss Me shorts at home then...