Saturday, November 21, 2009

Belize - Cave Hike and the Townies

This will be a boring post for some of you. I went on a cave hike - completed it with no broken bones or dislocated joints. My bag arrived - no more white velor shorts.

The cave itself was pretty cool. I have explored a cave in Batad, Philippines but this cave was bigger and with Belize regulations - or the lack there of - ancient ruins have not been removed and are scattered throughout the cave. The Mayans performed rituals in this cave and there are remnants of ceramic pottery and even skulls and bones.

You had to swim into the cave and at some points the water was chest-deep. My outfit worked out well and I blended right in because a plastic surgeon from Vegas was in my group and she actually chose to wear white daisy dukes and a white tank top. Oh, Americans....

In the evening, tourists and locals convened in the town bar. Everyone spoke perfect English - so much for practicing my Spanish. To name a few of the local characters -

- Local Prostitute- she manned the jukebox and i quickly learned not to invade her territory and let her pick the music.

- 20yr old Bartender - She sat on the other side of the bar more than she served drinks.

- Sleazy Tour Operator Owner - He, like most people in town, bad-mouthed other local business owners. They all seemed to talk shit about each other behind everyone´s backs but then be chummy pals.

- Town Drunk - He kept coming over and repeating the same incoherent slurs, but my favorite was that he´s "still waiting for Bob Marley to come to Belize."

- Dart Champion - My favorite town local. He was the #1 Belize national champion dart thrower. Currently, he´s dropped to #20 because he has gotten too in his head and he has tennis elbow from 9 hours of daily practice, so he´s off his game.

Now that´s what I call a night out!

Next Stop- Tikal, Guatemala

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  1. this is hilarious... hey you found the cave. i killed a guy in that mayan cave with some pottery.
    good to know you didn't dislocate another shoulder... although if you do maybe this time go scuba diving with sharks... the bungee jump was entirely too facile. Aaron