Friday, April 11, 2014

Day 84-86 - Nepal: Sunrise, Sunset in Nagarkot

Imagine a bus, comfortably seating 30, fill with 35, then 40, then 45, then you start losing count as more pile inside while disproportionately less get off. In addition, there's people climbing the stairs to the roof of the bus to hang off from above.

A woman boards and hands her toddler to a man, who holds the child for a bit. Later, she gets off and is replaced by another woman with a toddler, who also hands her child to this stranger, who hugs the little girl close to him like its his own daughter.

This constant flow of people and exchange of goods and babies sums up my 50 minute bus ride to Nagarkot. I snapped a photo as I left the bus, and this picture nowhere near captures it at full capacity. (Pic on camera. Coming soon.).

Once in Nagarkot, the place known for watching sunrises and sunsets with a view of the Himalayas in the distance,

I pretty much did nothing for 2 full days, except watching sunrises and sunsets.

Although, I don't understand people who chatter away during a sunrise. To me, a sunrise is the time to savor the silence, listen to nature arise alongside the bright sun and reflect about the day ahead. I clearly am on a different page than most tourists, but after 18 days of hiking, it was nice to sit on my butt, go to bed early, and wake up even earlier.

And I even ventured out to a paneer and mozzarella cheese factory, but unfortunately, they did not offer tastings! Here's the fridge of cheese that sits in here for 2 months before its ready to be eaten!

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