Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day 63 - Nepal: Packing for Everest Basecamp... eek!

I'm as ready as I can be. 

With an extensive packing list created and scoured multiple times in December, I return to it now, checking off the items in my list as I lay them down on my bed.

I ran a few errands in Thamel, Katmandu where every knock-off hiking essential is available at your fingertips - bargaining a must.

The pharmacy visit was the most unique of the errands, arriving to a small shack with rows of shelves stuffed with boxes of every drug possible. With every inquiry of a drug, the pharmacist would spin toward his managed chaos and pull a box from the middle of a stack, producing the exact product within seconds.

Here's my belongings for the next 18 days:

6 Iceberg underware
1 SmartWool sports bra
1 Ibex sports bra tank top
1 Convertible Trekking pants
1 fleece pants (lodge clothes)
1 Marmot rain pants
1 Smartwool pants (layering and lodge clothes)
1 SmartWool long sleeve hiking shirt
1 Asics long sleeve hiking shirt
1 SmartWool long sleeve shirt (lodge clothes)
2 short sleeve hiking shirts
1 pair of arm warmers
1 EMS gortex rain/wind Jacket with hood
1 Icebreaker hooded fleece (260)
1 Patagonia fleece (450) (Lodge clothes)
1 EMS down jacket
3 SmartWool PHD hiking socks
1 SmartWool socks (Lodge clothes)
1 waterproof sandals (Lodge clothes)
1 Down Booties (Lodge clothes)
1 Salomon Trekking Boots
1 SmartWool hiking beanie
1 wool, fleece-lined beanie with ear covers (Lodge clothes)
1 fake northface fleece neck/ear band
1 baclava
1 heavy waterproof gloves
1 wool mittens (lodge clothes)
1 safari-stle wide-brimmed sunhat
1 bandana

Gear / Accessories
- Gregory daypack
- Lots of zip lock bags of various sizes
- sunglasses
- 2 each hand/toe warmers
- sea to summit quick dry towel
- 2 sea to summit dry bags (keep gear dry in bag Porter carries)
- stopwatch
- headlamp with extra batteries
- 1.5 liter camelpack
- 1 liter camelpack water bottle
- 27oz kleen kanteen water bottle
- hiking poles
- sleeping bag liner
- sleeping bag
**no inflatable pillow needed. All lodges have a pillow.

Toiletries / Meds 

- Toothbrush/toothpaste
- Face soap
- face lotion / eye cream
- ChapStick with sunscreen (must!)
- sunscreen (face/body)
- tiger balm
- fingernail scissors
- face wipes / body wipes (alternative form of shower)
- tissues
- 3 rolls of toilet paper
- extra hair ties
- eye mask
- ear plugs
- Steripod and water purification drops
- mini-med kit (bandaids, neosporin, alcohol wipes, 2nd skin)
- ibuprofin
- melotonin
- grapefruit seed extract drops (natural cold prevention)
- mucinex / cold meds
- immodium - don't plan on taking!
- Antibiotics (Cipro) - don't plan on taking!
- altitude sickness meds don't plan on taking!
- ginko biloba (natural remedy supposedly for altitude sickness)
- Tums / acid soothe
- Acidophilus
- Flaxseed powder

Activity bag
- journal / pens
- iPod
- kindle
- camera (extra batteries / memory card)
- charger / converter / portable battery chargercharger

- loaf of gluten free bread (thanks katie!)
- jar of sunbutter
- 3 bars dark chocolate (thanks katie)
- gluten free cookies (sold at Kathmandu market!)
- 15 macrobiotic protein bars or probars
- 4 honey stinger gels
- 3 packs honey stinger electrolyte chews
- 14 decaf tea bags
- bag of chia seeds (great on oatmeal in morning)

NEXT STOP: Most dangerous flight in the work to Lukla

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