Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Uganda Highlights

I had a week in Uganda. A large portion of my trip was on the road, but I would stare out my window for hours and still be entertained. Some highlights during my stay in the "pearl of Africa" were:

Street View

- men biking with bananas or mataoke strapped to the sides of the bike
- women walking while balancing bananas, sacks or other miscellaneous items on their heads
- children playing with sticks and tires on the street
- my favorite: children running and smiling and waving as we drove by. It warmed my heart and made me smile and wave enthusiastically back each time!

Chimp Tracking
- I saw chimps at Kabale forest. They were so high up in the trees, they looked like piles of leaves in my pictures. I knew they were not leaves because every once in awhile they would throw a fig down at us or one of them would start peeing. Right when we were about to leave, the Head chimp decided to come down and then 8 or 9 others followed and then we followed them to into the forest!

River Rafting on the Nile

I was not sure if this was the smartest idea and I knew that if I got hurt I would have absolutely no sympathy from my friends or family. But I can't pass up on an opportunity like this :) and my shoulder is SO much better! The Nile was amazing. It was peaceful and beautiful and then there would be a huge rapid. I flipped out once and grabbed for my shoulder for dear life. All was ok. On the grade 5, 13.5 foot drop, I sucked up my pride and road in the safety boat. I did not need to dislocate my shoulder again. Still, it was loads of fun. After the raftintg, I drank a Nile beer on the Nile. Had to be done.

Drinking with Locals in Uganda

On the drive back to Kampala from River Rafting, there were 4 people from Kampala on the bus. I could tell instantly that they were loads of fun so I sat near them..and we drank 1 Nile, 2 Niles, 3 Niles...and were a bit Tipsy by the time we reached the city. I was staying outside of the center because I was flying out at 7am then next morning. I could go home and stay at the crappy hotel by myself...OR, I could take a taxi back into town and stay out all night with Brenda and Moses. Obviously, there is no question what I chose to do. We went to a local Rugby bar and then an African Dance club. I made it home in time to get an hours nap in before I had to wake up for my plane. Now, that is leaving Uganda in style...

NEXT STOP: Zambia to see the Victoria Falls..Then Botswana.


  1. omg, the chimps- hilarious! Can't wait to see some pics

  2. Sounds like a better night out then Moshi..

    Rafting must have been a blast. Good on you for taking the plunge, (not literally of course!) I'm so envious!
    I can't wait to read if your bungee jumped...with or without your sling:0 and better yet can't wait to see the photos :)