Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ode to Sharon, my Sherpa

Written on Feb. 24

Today my cousin, Sharon, departed after 23 days together. I'm sad to see her go and my 6hr ride to Uganda was very dull without her. So, I entertained myself by writing a poem in her honor.

Note: I am not a poet. I'm merely a girl with too much time on my hands.

So, Jocelyn and others, I'm sure you will have a little chuckle out of my attempt to rhyme, but at least I kept my verses consistent with 15-count time :)

Ode to Sharon, my Sherpa

You tied my shoes, even when I had to pee late in the night.

You even shaved my armpits, somehow that just doesn't seem right.

You never once audibly complained, self-pitied, moaned or whined.

Not even as you were puking up butter soup, while we dined.

You were my stylist, braiding my hair each day without a curse.

But later a mirror revealed, keep your day job as a nurse.

You joined my V-day game, singing tunes with 'love' words in the song.

2-plus hours later I can't believe you played with me that long.

You shared in my excitement, each day I could move my arm more.

Are you a good actor? Cuz to me that would have been a bore.

You were patient and fun, always laughing and sharing with me.

What more to ask in a travel mate, how lucky could I be?

We vowed we would never again hike in altitude that high.

But I heard there's an Argentina hike, higher in the sky.

Oh Sharon, my great Sherpa, what do you think of this new plan?

Next time, I'll be your devoted Sherpa and number one fan!

1 comment:

  1. Gotta love those long Uganda road trips.

    Gee I don't know what to say, for I'd be your sherpa any day. Being in the presence of a rock star sure has its benefits and definitely adds to the experience!
    asante sana
    kili ralph

    So Argentina you say?
    perhaps some day.....
    For I'm sure we could find a way,
    to continue with act II of this adventureous play!

    ok I'll leave the poetry to you :)