Thursday, March 12, 2009

Taking the Plunge: 216 Meter (709 feet) Bungee Jump

I arrived into Capetown airport with no plans/reservations. I finally found a car rental place that would rent me an automatic car AND i managed to talk the guy down on the price, paying the same amount I would have paid for a week bus pass. It's amazing how a little smile can go a long way! :) I drove straight out of Capetown. Destination: One of the World's Highest Bungee jumps. A pure freefall swinging bungee from a single cord.

I am not going to ask for bets from you on whether I did the jump because I know you would probably think the following:

- Why wouldn't she? She has already jumped off a bridge in New Zealand.

- Why wouldn't she? This jump is even higher at 216 meters (709 feet)

- Why wouldn't she? the 2nd bounced after she jumps will take her as high as the Vic Falls

- Why wouldn't she? It's been close to a month since she dislocated her shoulder.

- Why wouldn't she? It's Jeanne, and we all know that she's crazy :)

You guys know me so well! Of course, I did it and I am STILL on a high! They literally duct-taped my arm to my body to make sure I would not dislocate my shoulder again. I turned off my brain and jumped! My thought process went a bit like this:

* Holy Shit, I jumped
* Of F*ck, I am falling fast
* Crap, my face feels like it is flattening
* Is this painful?
* Am I having fun?
* Shit, that's the ground coming at me
* Wow, I am being pulled back up again
* Is my shoulder still intact?
* Oh F*ck, i am falling back down again and i think i am spinning
* Shit Yeah, i think i am having fun!
* Oh my god, look at that view
* Oh no, is it done already?!?!

And with that, i got pulled back up toward the bridge.

My other great accomplishment on that bridge was that there was a girl who was 80% convinced of jumping and was about to say no. I walked over to her and asked what her concerns were. I helped her breakdown her worries. I gave her some words of encouragement and told some motivational stories and she ended up doing it! ANd she survived AND she liked it! I may have my new profession: Motivational Bungee Jump Coach.

NEXT STOP: Hiking in that Tsitsikamma Mountains in Nature's Valley on the Garden Route


  1. You're sooooooo cooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Hahaha Jeanne, your making my week with your posts! Glad to hear you survived your tummy bug / UAV. I did the jump a couple years ago - TERRIFYING but AWESOME experience. Keep it up and perhaps drive down to George, across to Oudsthoorn and go ride that Ostrich!

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